Welcome to
America’s Heartland

The Midwest boasts fertile soils, sprawling fields and the opportunity for high-quality beef.

A Taste of Nebraska

Nebraska is home to rolling hills and lush greenery, ideal for agriculture and superior livestock. Its prosperous environment and abundant resources make Nebraska the ideal plant location for the European market.

We partner with small, independent ranchers and farmers who are passionate about their work. They deliver reliable beef products that are locally sourced and harvested with precision, keeping our European customers in mind.

Red hided cattle grazing in pasture grasslands in the Midwest

We Know a Thing or Two

Tyson Fresh Meats is one of the largest American meat companies with a history of quality products, expert service, reliability and brand support. Our plant in Lexington, Nebraska, is strategically located in the heartland of the United States, where much of the land is dedicated to agriculture — a thriving environment for producing high caliber American beef.

London Office

Our London office has a deep understanding of foodservice operators and retailers in the European market.