USDA Grading System

The U.S. grades beef on nationally uniform standards of quality, which promotes consistency and value.

Behind the Packaging: 
USDA Shields and Labels

Our product packaging includes USDA shields and labels to assure consumers that the product has gone through a rigorous review process. Highly skilled graders and auditors follow official process standards from USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

Ensuring Great Taste

One of the ways the U.S. beef industry determines value is through inspection of carcasses for quality and yield grading. Two important factors to predict the palatability of beef are marbling and carcass maturity.

How We Stack Up: 

USDA Grades

There are three main grades when it comes to beef quality. All our offerings available to the European market are high-quality USDA Prime or USDA Choice.

USDA Prime steak

USDA Prime:

Moderate to slightly abundant marbling, young beef

USDA Choice steak

USDA Choice:

Small to modest marbling, young beef

USDA Select steak

USDA Select:

Traces to slight marbling, young beef

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