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Star Ranch Angus® Beef

Take one look at the specs of delicious 
Star Ranch Angus beef, and you’ll see why 
it’s America’s Angus — and why it’s perfect 
for your meat case or menu.

All Angus. All the time.

Star Ranch Angus beef keeps your customers coming back for more of the delicious Angus beef flavor they love. This American brand is enjoyed all over the world, offering quality products at a competitive value. Plus, get comprehensive support from the Tyson Fresh Meats Team. To help boost your bottom line, our team provides:

  • Dedicated Field Sales Consultants who understand your needs
  • Consumer-facing digital ad campaigns and websites to drive brand awareness
  • USDA Choice Angus beef products produced in the USA
  • Competitively priced products, a dependable branded beef program, superior marketing support and the expertise of the Tyson Fresh Meats Team
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Standards on and off the Plate


  • 100% Angus – Unrivaled beef for unforgettable flavor
  • No neck humps exceeding two inches ensuring a consistently delicious product
  • Moderately thick or better muscling providing a reliable, sought-after protein
  • “A” maturity for premium color, texture and tenderness


  • Hand-selected & hand-trimmed 1/4-inch trim specification for a consistent, positive beef eating experience
  • No added ingredients just 100% Angus beef for pure consumer satisfaction, 100% of the time
  • USDA Choice quality grade with small 00-100 marbling scores for consistently juicy beef
  • Product of the USA – Every cut of Star Ranch Angus beef is produced by independent ranchers in the U.S. for utmost quality and flavor